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Internationalization of intellectual property rights and the protection of intellectual property legal service

All aspects of intellectual property legal services, including application, opposition, transferable license to provide the overall intellectual property protection programs and measures, dispute handling all aspects of patents, trademarks, copyright and other related fields.

Financial legal services

Compliance audits syndicated loan commercial loan trust financing import and export credit; debt restructuring project financing, real estate financing and acquisition financing finance lease; disposal of non-performing assets bankruptcy and liquidation of asset management; asset securitization, financial derivatives; drafting the terms of the insurance related litigation insurance products insurance products design; insurance fund investment.

Insurance legal services

Provide insurance for the insured or the insured person legal services; traffic accident cases to provide legal services; provide legal services to maritime cases.

Trust legal Services

Trust consulting, financial leasing, trust and dynamic, trust funds, trust products, trust services of the trust funds, property trusts, Heritage Trust, Equity Trust, a real estate trust, trust the text of the contract.

Buying and selling homes, land transfer, construction, property management legal services

Securities legal services

Project investment legal services

M & legal services

M & acquisitions advisory; involved in merger and acquisition planning, directing M & Costing, mergers and acquisitions involving mergers and acquisitions program; mergers and acquisitions lawyer due diligence, providing legal due diligence report; mergers and acquisitions legal feasibility demonstration, issue legal opinions; involved in merger talks Development of mergers and acquisitions instruments; agency mergers and acquisitions examination and approval procedures; enterprise integration work involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Labor relations legal services

Uncoordinated labor relations, will inevitably have a negative impact on labor relations stability and harmony. Labor relations stability and harmony is directly related to the production, economic development and social stability. Therefore, the world has always attached great importance to maintain harmonious labor relations and stability, and the handling of labor disputes into the legal system, the provisions of the legal norms of labor disputes handler.

International trade legal services

International trade information, import and export regulations, knowledge of foreign trade, international procurement, foreign investment, exhibitions. Contains enterprise export tax rebates, customs clearance, logistics and transport, letters of credit and other services ...