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Han Longtao,Executive Director

Practicing sentiment: Brevity is the soul of wit, lengthy superficial embellishments

Hanlong Tao, executive director of the Chongqing Xin Hao law firm, partner, member of the Bar Association Committee for participation in state affairs, "Chongqing Evening News" Legal salon advisory board member. Lawyers published anthology of more than 30 papers, lawyers the domineering and tolerance of "" Business referral fee "to be protected by law? Kaixian blowout accident compensation shocked, "Japanese right-wing slander Nanjing Massacre witness" anthology published by the China Law Press. The case agent has been the Chongqing Television stroke the table saying "Chongqing Evening News" legal part ", Chongqing Youth Daily, Chongqing Commercial Daily widely reported.

Field of Han Longtao lawyer practicing mainly related to corporate governance, corporate criminal risk, International Commercial companies listed. Specializes in the use of the Court of intense debate skills. Korean lawyers always stand in the forefront of legal services, numerous market rules and ever-changing business and social control of transaction costs, legal risk prevention, and strive to achieve maximum benefits for customers. Profound legal knowledge and honest man, has won the praise of the parties.

Business lawyers reputation as the region, Han Longtao lawyer has successfully accept commissioned well-known enterprises and clients include: rural-based CSC International Fast Food Chain Co., Ltd. (listed in the U.S. fast food chain), XCMG (listed companies, China National Heavy Machinery leader), and Chien Group (top 50 private enterprises in Chongqing, Chongqing enterprises), silver (large-scale real estate development company), Jiangsu Hongsheng Group, Jiaxin construction Group, Little Duck Group (domestic well-known enterprises ), GSK China investment Co., Ltd., Chongqing Xi Wei Electrical Co., Ltd., Shandong Provincial People's Government offices in Chongqing, Chongqing, Shandong Chamber of Commerce, Chongqing Zong Shen Jiali lighting manufacturing Co., Ltd., Chongqing first special service outsourcing industry Co., Ltd. (West sound Valley, China Telecom 10000), Posco (Korea) trade Co., Ltd., Chongqing, Chongqing Wan Chi-Li Cheng Technology Development Co., Ltd., China and the EU Foreign Language Training school.